Why a kidney belt?

The kidney belt is essential for most motorcyclists. It effectively protects the kidneys from cold airflow and also provides more stability. With the Lumbo-X High, Jetsafe supplies a high quality kidney belt that impresses with excellent comfort and excellent protective properties. Thanks to the individually adjustable stabilization strap, the Lumbo-X High is easy to put on and guarantees a high level of comfort and safety.

3 good reasons that speak for the Lumbo-X kidney belt

A kidney belt ensures safety on the motorcycle, which is why hardly any biker goes without it. Especially with professional athletes, this part of the equipment is practically indispensable.

This is what the Lumbo-X does:

Relief of the back muscles: the kidney belt takes on a supporting function, relieves the muscles of the back and ensures a comfortable fit.
Protection of the kidneys from getting cold: Motorcyclists and scooter drivers often underestimate the draft that can cool the kidneys. With the Lumbo-X High you are always on the safe side.
Hyperextension protection: With an integrated link chain, the Lumbo-X High also protects against hyperextension of the lumbar spine.
Breathable kidney material according to sports-orthopedic aspects:
The Lumbo-X kidney belt

The Lumbo-X motorcycle kidney belt in the high version with a height of 24 cm combines maximum comfort with maximum safety. Thanks to the freely adjustable Velcro fastener, the belt can be individually adapted to the body shape, making the belt comfortable to wear throughout. In addition, the Lumbo-X High kidney belt impresses with a classic design in black – optionally also in red – and the following features:

Protection: The new Ortho-Tech protection system offers optimal shock absorption in the event of external forces and specifically protects the lumbar spine (lumbar area).
Freedom of movement: The link chain of the Lumbo-X follows the movement of the body forwards, but prevents the spine from overstretching. The kidney belt thus combines maximum freedom of movement with the highest level of protection.
Comfortable: Integrated stabilization straps ensure a perfect fit and offer perfect support in every situation. This ensures optimal comfort and unrestrained driving pleasure on every motorcycle tour.
Breathable: The Lumbo-X kidney belt is made of breathable mesh material, which offers up to 80% better moisture exchange than conventional materials. Annoying sweating under the kidney belt is a thing of the past.
Sports orthopedic: Like all products, the Lumbo-X High kidney belt was developed from a sports orthopedic point of view. The belt hugs the body perfectly, offers a perfect hold and also sets standards in terms of safety.

The Lumbo-X High kidney belt is available from size S (up to 83 cm waist circumference) to XXXL (from 123 cm).

Alternatively we offer you the

Lumbo-X is also available in a low version with a height of just 16 cm. This is available in sizes XS (up to 73 cm waist circumference) to XXL (from 118 cm) available.

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