A neck brace reduces the chance of serious injury by 89%

Neck protection systems can prevent serious injuries

Effective protection of the cervical spine

In contrast to the helmet, many drivers still question the usefulness of neck protection systems. Opinion formation is still influenced by rumors and myths that have persisted in the paddock. “Does a neck protector do anything at all? That way you break your collarbone faster … “But that’s over now. Since 2008, an American rescue service has evaluated the data of over 8,500 accident patients at various races of the American Motorcycle Association and summarized them in a study. The results speak for themselves:

1. Critical cervical spine injury is 89% more likely without a neck brace.
2. Fatal injury to the cervical spine is 69% more likely without a neck brace.
3. A non-critical injury to the cervical spine is 75% more likely without a neck brace.
4. A collarbone injury is 45% more likely without a neck brace.

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Neck Brace: CE certified & Made in Germany

In order to be able to guarantee the best possible quality, the ONB is made in Germany from a high-performance plastic and is characterized by its low weight (600 g / size M). It can be easily adjusted in height using Velcro pads. The support in the back area is horseshoe-shaped so that the ONB Neck Brace does not rest centrally on the spine. The power transmission, especially in connection with the back protectors of the ORTHO-MAX line, therefore takes place over a large area on the shoulder blades. As a result, there are no point force peaks in the area of ​​the central spine, which can damage the spinous processes of the vertebral bodies. The ONB is also NOT on the collarbone. A functional belt system secures the position on the body.

Every single ONB is produced in Germany, preset and goes through a quality control before delivery.

Developed with sports medicine specialists and professional athletes

In addition to our knowledge of the anatomy and biomechanics of the human body, the expertise of leading sports medicine specialists and professional athletes from the fields of motocross, enduro and rally went into the development of the ONB. Since the market launch of the first neck brace, the ONB has been continuously developed up to the current version 3.0.

Individual adjustment for an optimal fit

Due to our background in the field of orthopedic technology, the number ONE is not a foreign word, but everyday life. Hence the claim that our Sport Protection products must feel as if they were tailor-made. The ONB is available in different sizes in order to meet this requirement for both kids and adult motorcyclists. The height can be easily adjusted using Velcro pads. The possibility of individual adaptation ensures that the ONB fits the helmet and the rest of the protective equipment as optimally as possible. Incidentally, this process can be repeated several times.

The ONB can be individually adapted several times, with factors such as helmet, upper body protection and intended use playing a decisive role.

Light as a feather and highly functional

Weight plays an important role not only in the bike, but also in the rider’s equipment. The ONB is particularly light at only 600 g (size M), which makes an important contribution to the high functionality of the neck brace. The same applies to the horseshoe-shaped back, which distributes the force that occurs in the event of a fall not to the thoracic spine but to the shoulder blades. Especially in combination with a back protector from the Ortho-Max line, the force is transferred to a large area, which effectively avoids dangerous force peaks in the area of ​​the central spine.

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