Body Protection Set – Level 2

ORTHO-MAX Dynamic + OCP 3.0

Falling is part of motocross, enduro and downhill sports and the area of ​​the sternum, back and upper ribs are often affected.
Certified according to international level 2 specifications, both the ORTHO-MAX Dynamic and the OCP 3.0 set a benchmark when it comes to upper body protection and comfort in equal measure.
The lightweight Level 2 chest protector OCP 3.0, together with the tried and tested full back protector ORTHO-MAX Dynamic as a set, offers effective protection against injuries to the upper body and at the same time does not restrict freedom of movement in any way.
The combination can be worn both over and under the jersey and is therefore the ideal addition to protective equipment on the MX routes or in the bike park. If desired, the MX Body Protection Set can also be easily combined with the ONB Neck Brace.

FIM approval
Mandatory for European and World Championship races in the disciplines:
• Motocross
• Enduro
• Trial
• Supermoto
• Speedway
• Ice speedway


size chart:

ortema ortho max ruecken messanleitung

* To determine your torso length, measure the distance between your waist (1)
and your protruding cervical vertebra, also called the C7 cervical vertebra (2) (Fig. right).Called the cervical vertebra (2) (Abb.right).

Care instructions
After using it for sporting activities, the Body Protection Set should be hand washed with cold or lukewarm water and placed on a flat surface to dry. The protectors are removed from the textile! Please do not hang up on a clothes hanger to dry, otherwise the fabric of the carrier material will be stretched or stressed too much!

Carrier material
ORTHO-MAX Dynamic: polyamide 70%, polyester 15%, elastane 10%, elastomers 5%
OCP 3.0 – Chest Protector: Polyester 100%