The back protector ensures optimal freedom of movement and perfect breathability through perforation of the protector plate.

This consists of several layers of visco-elastic memory foam and thus ensures a very high level of energy absorption. The plastic penetration protection integrated in the protector protects the spine against pointed and sharp objects.

The heart of the ORTHO-MAX protector family is the back protector * of protection class 2 made of a new type of visco-elastic memory foam. The new 2017/18 generation, developed according to biomechanical criteria, is even lighter, more breathable and impresses with its even better shock absorption values of under 5.5 kN.

FIM approval
Mandatory for European and World Championship races in the disciplines:
• Motocross
• Enduro
• Trial
• Supermoto
• Speedway
• Ice speedway



To determine your torso length, measure the distance between your waist (1) and your protruding cervical vertebra, also called the C7 cervical vertebra (2) (Fig. Right).


Care instructions:

After using it for sporting activities, the ORTHO-MAX Vest should be washed by hand with cold or lukewarm water and placed on a flat surface to dry. The protectors are removed from the textile! Please do not hang up on a clothes hanger to dry, otherwise the fabric of the carrier material will be stretched or stressed too much!


Carrier material:

Polyamide 70%, polyester 15%, elastane 10%, elastomers 5%


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