ORTHO-MAX Vest Light Kids

A good back protector protects – you don’t even feel an outstanding back protector!

Particularly light protector vest, equipped with our proven Light Protector (Level 1). Thanks to the vest’s optimized contour cut, the protector lies perfectly in the right position on the body even without a waist belt. Thanks to the airy mesh material and the correspondingly high air circulation, maximum wearing comfort is guaranteed.

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* To determine your torso length, measure the distance between your waist (1) and your protruding cervical vertebra, also called the C7 cervical vertebra (2) (Fig. Right).

Care instructions:
After using it for sporting activities, the ORTHO-MAX Vest Light should be washed by hand with cold or lukewarm water and placed on a flat surface to dry. The protectors are removed from the textile! Please do not hang up on a clothes hanger to dry, otherwise the fabric of the carrier material will be stretched or stressed too much!

Carrier material:
Polyamide 80%, elastane 20%