Super comfortable back protector for the spine

Particularly light back protector to protect the spine, certified according to DIN EN 1621-2 / protection class 1. The heart of the Centralback is a three-layer viscoelastic memory foam that covers the entire length of the spine from just below the neck to the tailbone. The ORTHO-MAX Light received a coveted Gold Award at Eurobike 2018 and impressed the jury with numerous other features:

Particularly low weight and optimal fit ensure maximum comfort
The heavily perforated foam elements enable particularly high breathability
Large ventilation zones guarantee excellent ventilation
The integrated puncture protection provides additional security
The protector can be perfectly adjusted with the height-adjustable kidney belt
Available in 7 sizes from XXS to XXL, therefore for children from 1.10 m in height to 2.05 m

The ORTHO-MAX Light can be worn comfortably under sportswear and provides more safety for hobby and recreational athletes as well as professionals.

The new Centralback from Jetsafe is versatile:
Ski, snowboard, bike / MTB, motorcycle, MX / Enduro, riding, water sports.

FIM approval
Mandatory for European and World Championship races in the disciplines:
• Motocross
• Enduro
• Trial
• Supermoto
• Speedway
• Ice speedway


size chart

* To determine your torso length, measure the distance between your waist (1) and your protruding cervical vertebra, also called the C7 cervical vertebra (2) (Fig. Right).

Care instructions
After using it for sporting activities, the ORTHO-MAX Light should be washed by hand with cold or lukewarm water and placed on a flat surface to dry. The protectors are removed from the textile! Please do not hang up on a clothes hanger to dry, otherwise the fabric of the carrier material will be stretched or stressed too much!

Carrier material
Polyamide 70%, elastane 15%, polyester 10%, elastomers 5%.