Jetsafe is the official sponsor of BHV events and CEST races.
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10% discount on the complete Ortema range for all enrolled participants of the BHV or CEST races for the season 2019!

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Ortema Neck Brace

ORTEMA`s new cervical protection system, ONB – Ortema Neck Brace, is made of apractically unbreakable high-performance plastic and distinguishes itself by its extremely low weight. The individual height can easily be adjusted by Velcro pads. The support in the back has the shape of a horseshoe to avoid the neck brace exerting pressure centrally on the spine. The force transmission is distributed over a larger area to avoid single pressure peaks in the region of the vertebral bodies. A functional strap system keeps he brace in position.
Sizing: Body-length, -weight, neck circumference.

Back protection P1 Dynamic

The CE-tested P1 dynamic protector offering perfect wearing comfort combined with a minimum of weight. This is possible by using a new memory foam concept which absorbs forces well and reduces the energy by deforming the material. The Dynamic gets softer when in contact with body warmth allowing it to adapt to the contours of the back.
The Dynamic is available in 5 different sizes.

X-Pants protection for the area of the hip

The X-PANTS LP (Long Protection) are made of a material allowing for humidity exchange and protectors that allow for the full range of movement whilst protecting the region of the hip. A tailbone protector increases safety. The unique material the protectors are made of guarantees very high shock absorbing qualities. Soft during movement because the air in the material can escape through the capillaries. In the case of impact however the material gets hard due to the compressed air and so protects the hip.

Lower leg protection JET

The lower leg protector is made of unbreakable plastic and is secured by Velcro fasteners on the lower leg, thus ensuring a comfortable and slip-free fit. The protector is adapted to the anatomy of the leg and covers positively the largest possible area of the leg. The optimized slipping is bridged by a variable underlap fl ap on the inside. Thus, a perfect all-round protection of the lower leg is given.
The lower leg protector is manufactured in one size. Individual adjustments are possible.